In 2012, LALA Provider Members voted to amend the Association bylaws, which had been adopted in 1999, to accomplish the following:

  • Bring the bylaws in compliance with current IRS guidelines and state laws related to association governance;
  • Better define and clarify the Association's membership categories and member voting privileges;
  • Improve our Association voting procedures and allow for electronic balloting for election of officers and other Association voting matters;
  • Change from Regional Representative Board Members to At-Large Representatives, to provide more opportunities for Board service and better representative of membership overall;
  • Update the roles and duties of the Executive Director and Officers;
  • Move to one-year terms for all Board positions;
  • Remove sections that are not required to be included in the bylaws that can be more effectively addressed in Association policies and procedures. 

CLICK HERE to view/download a copy of the amended bylaws, effective January 9, 2013.

Following the adoption of the amendments to the LALA Bylaws, the Board of Directors developed and adopted policies and procedures pertaining to online voting for the Board of Directors. CLICK HERE to view the Electronic Voting Policy.

In 2018, the LALA Board adopted open nomination procedures for each board seat position by way of submitting a current or updated LALA board of director application to the Association. The application shall be placed on file at the Association office, until time that the (nominating) Board Development Committee becomes active. During this active phase, the applications are forwarded to the (nominating) board development chair. This committee chair presides over elections (i.e.: may be provided with link access to view votes and tally, with formal request). This nominee slate is presented to the board for final deliberation, which shall include: That each is a representative of a cross-section of active and qualified Provider Memberships; That each shall be the best leadership and committed to work with the Association; That each shall provide a skill set need for the board; That each can make company decisions.

Final slate: The committee’s final slate of nominees requires board deliberation, board approval, to be recorded in meeting minutes, to be forwarded to the Association. These steps must all occur prior to any initiation of election timeline. Each board seat belongs to the Provider Member Company, not the individual person.

LALA’s focus is on the Big Three: Legislation, Regulation, Education and also extends deeper into advocacy, networking, need-specific training, access to research and information, standards and partnerships, group purchasing, and professional development. By joining THIS Association, Senior Living Communities, Industry Businesses and Organizations can benefit from a range of valuable services and opportunities and higher level partnerships

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