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Service on a Board

Nothing is more important to the health and sustainability of an association than its qualified, engaged, and enthusiastic board. That’s why we’ve compiled these details on how to volunteer, nominate, and recommend key team members for success.
Nominees should be made up of leaders, who are capable of making company wide decisions in your organization.
Here are two options in serving on the board: 

1. Download the Board application, complete the nominee details, and submit to  for consideration in the next annual election.

2. If there is a vacancy on the board, your submission may be considered earlier, in filling the remainder of the term for the vacant seat.





Service on a Committee 

Committees are made up of members who work on any number of activities. Some teams may be ongoing, while others may be active within a specific time frame.

Education Committee: Assists with selection of topics and sessions for conferences and workshops, promotes attendance, and recruits sponsors that provide direct services or supplies to the senior living industry.

Membership Committee: Actively recruits senior living providers and industry partners to become members and recommends improvements/changes/additions to membership benefits.

Public Policy Committee: Continues to strengthen relationships with pertinent governmental (federal, state, and county) departments, agencies and legislative bodies for the purpose of working with them in a positive manner to promote your state's senior living industry; establishes legislative goals & positions; encourages financial support of the PAC fund; disburses information to members and the public on legislative and regulatory matters; Attends Advocacy Day at the Capitol & political functions/meetings to educate legislators on the needs and good works of senior living providers.

Finance Committee: Headed by the board Treasurer, this committee monitors the financial integrity of the association through its finance or accounting experience. Reviews quarterly finance reports and works directly with the Chief Executive and the board Treasurer/Finance Chair in planning, reviewing and forecasting an annual balanced budget for the association.

Awards/Recognition Committee:
Increases awareness and nominations for Association awards and recognition program.Reviews and submits suggestions for improvement on categories, nomination requirements, award selection procedures, and award presentation procedures.

Regulatory Advisory Panel (RAP): These members review, in detail, all regulations applicable to Providers across the state. We will seek this groups feedback on amendments, clarifications, recommendations for amendments, additions, and deletions to the regulations, which will then be shared as appropriate with the regulatory agencies for consideration.

Nominating/Board Development Committee: Encourages and reviews nominations for Board seat positions. The committee will create a slate of individuals to be considered for the Board . Members of the committee must be current or former Board members and a member in good standing.

Executive Board Committee: Executive committees are commonly used to guide and assist large boards, make decisions for the board in the case of an emergency, help coordinate the work of a board with a complicated committee structure, assist work of a geographically dispersed board, and facilitate the chief executive’s access to the board. These committee seats are filled by the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer of the current sitting board.

Board Advisory Committee: This committee is the board’s mechanism for looking after itself. As such, its work is vital to the health of the board and the entire organization. Offering recommendation in board work and ensuring that the board provides leadership and oversight to the organization. Past Board members are eligible for this committee.
Members Are Invited To Join Committees by logging Into Their Profile, and Pressing the Committee "JOIN" 

Questions on how to sign up for a Committee? Contact Madelyn at (337)577-9830 

Board of Directors:

Executive Committee

Board Chair/Pres.                                    
Laurie Deslatte
Avanti Senior Living-Lafayette
*ef-officio to all committees

Board Vice Chair/Pres.- NA
Laurie Deslatte
Avanti Lafayette

Board Treasurer
Davis Corbett
Bee Hive of Youngsville
*Finance Committee Chair
Board Secretary
Becky See
Villa Maria Retirement
Board Development Chair

Michele utreach
Immediate Past Pres./Chair of the Board
Becky See (ex officio)
Villa Maria Retirement

*Board Development Chair
Chief Executive Director
Sharla Aloisio
* ex-officio to all committees

Board Members

Board Member - Provider
Greg Futch

The Gardens at Georgia Tucker
Board Member - Provider
Lorrie Nunley

Azalea Estates at Shreveport
Board Member - Provider
Annette Lacombe
Lacour House

Board Member - Provider
Annette Lacombe
Lacour House

Board Member - Provider
Audrey Baker
SummerHouse Park Provence S​
Board Member - Provider
Daniel Ritter
Peristyle Residences


This Association works closely with lobbyists, consultants and trainers to ensure it provides the best possible representation and advocacy for its members.

LALA Lobbyist
Hayes Strategic Solutions


Chief Executive  Director
Sharla Aloisio

mobile (337)577-2024

Education and Engagement
Katie Pesson

mobile (337)254-8267

Member Communications
Madelyn Dugas
mobile (337)577-9830


LALA’s focus is on the Big Three: Legislation, Regulation, Education and also extends deeper into advocacy, networking, need-specific training, access to research and information, standards and partnerships, group purchasing, and professional development. By joining THIS Association, Senior Living Communities, Industry Businesses and Organizations can benefit from a range of valuable services and opportunities and higher level partnerships

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